OSC Launches AweSim Industrial Outreach Initiative

By | 10/28/13

Early this year, the Ohio Supercomputer Center celebrated its 25th anniversary. A few months later, the Center began building upon its award-winning industrial outreach activities by launching a new program called AweSim. This initiative is a collaborative effort, involving OSC and partners P&G, Intel, AltaSim Technologies, TotalSim USA, Kinetic Vision and Nimbis Services.

The AweSim program received a $3 million Innovation Platform Program grant from Ohio’s Third Frontier Commission to design and deploy easy-to-use advanced manufacturing simulation applications or apps. With matching funds from partner organizations, this $6.4 million program will provide Ohio’s small and mid-sized manufacturers with the tools they need to leverage simulation-driven design.

Many large manufacturers already have embraced simulation-driven design. The benefits are tangible; simulation-driven design replaces physical product prototyping with faster and less expensive computer simulations, reducing the time to take products to market, while improving quality and cutting costs. Unfortunately, many smaller manufacturers are missing out on this competitive advantage, because they cannot afford to invest in hardware, software or staff training. With our program, all that changes.

We decided to name our effort “AweSim” because a sense of awe is one of the emotions that often accompany the “Aha! moment,” a specific point in time when a student, professor, researcher, inventor or engineer unlocks the key to a challenging question or situation. Sim, short for simulation, is the means by which OSC helps clients achieve those inspirational moments of awe.

This effort is one more way that OSC has provided new and innovative ways to support the evolving needs of academic researchers and industrial partners. It complements our web-based toolkit, OSC OnDemand, as another way to remove barriers for clients using high performance computing systems.

For more than 25 years, we’ve been providing our users with the tools they need to accelerate the discovery of their “awe” moments. A member of the Ohio Technology Consortium (OH-TECH), OSC has, throughout its history, been at the forefront of the national effort to help industry gain easy and affordable access to advanced modeling and simulation technologies.

OSC also has developed a national reputation for its training initiatives and now, working with the OH-TECH consortium, has instituted innovative computational science and HPC training programs at the K-12, higher education and workforce levels.

AweSim builds on these legacies, bringing together experts in HPC, modeling and simulation, workforce training and e-commerce to provide businesses with unprecedented access to simulation-driven design.

For more information, visit The AweSime Advantage.

About the Author:

Kevin Wohlever serves as director of the Shared Infrastructure (SI) division of the Ohio Technology Consortium. Currently, he also serves as the interim director of Supercomputing Operations for the Ohio Supercomputer Center (OSC).

The SI group provides a wide range of technical services to all OH-TECH member organizations (OSC, OARnet, OhioLINK, eTech, eStudent Services), as well as to the Board of Regents and affiliated units there, such at the Ohio Tuition Trust Authority. Those services include management of the LAN, servers, storage management, security, desktop services, videoconferencing, digital printers, and ITIL ticketing (ServiceNow) and project management services.

Wohlever served as director of OSC’s Supercomputing Operations since 2009. The HPC operations group at OSC provides the management of the hardware, software, storage and networking systems for research  computing. Before that, Wohlever was the managing project director for the OSC-Springfield office. The OSC-Springfield facility focused on Blue Collar Computing, data-intensive and large-scale data mining, and   bioinformatics.

Wohlever has held positions with various organizations in the past, each of which adds to his impressive list of qualifications, including technical project management and computer security. Some of the positions include: IS technical specialist for the Nationwide Insurance Company, research leader for the Dow Chemical Company and chief hardware/software engineer for the National Environmental Supercomputing Center as part of the Martin Marietta Technical Services Group. Prior to those, he had served as manager of the Systems Programming Group at OSC.

Wohlever earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Bowling Green State University in 1982.

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