Lab’s High Performance Computing Center Honored by HPCWire as 2013′s Best Application of Green Computing and Best Government-Industry Collaboration

By | 11/25/13

During last week’s “Supercomputing 2013″ conference in Denver, Colorado, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was honored with HPCWire’s reader’s choice award for best application of green computing and the editor’s choice award for best government-industry collaboration. HPCWire is one of the country’s foremost high-performance computing-focused news organizations.

The reader’s choice award for best application of green computing was awarded to Livermore’s collaboration with IBM on the “Sequoia,” the world’s most energy efficient supercomputer. Sequoia is part of the Laboratory’s work on the Stockpile Stewardship program, helping to ensure the reliability of America’s nuclear arsenal.  The editor’s choice award for best government-industry collaboration honored Livermore and IBM on the “Vulcan” supercomputer’s HPC4Energy incubator program. The HPC4Energy’s incubator program helps to illustrate the benefits of supercomputing to private industry through external application of supercomputer technologies and expertise to energy applications.

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